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How to Watch T20 World Cup 2020 live for free on android!

how to watch t20 world cup 2020 live

How to Watch T20 World Cup 2020 for Free: hello, Friends! The biggest blast of the year is just coming. Yes! T20 2020 world cup is coming! The craze of T20 World Cup every year is at its best for more than a decade we all know! This time 2020 T20 world cup will be held in Australia and today I will show you how to watch T20 World Cup 2020 on your mobile or PC for free!

Every year Twenty Twenty world cup is seen and enjoyed widely all around the world. Almost every country watches the shortest format world cup.

Before, we know how to watch Live Cricket online. let’s have some glimpses on 2020 T20 world cup.

The upcoming T20 world cup in 2020 will be seventh T20 world cup in cricket history! All the matches will be held in Australia. From 18 October to 15 November 20202 and the Final will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. (MCG)

How To Watch T20 2020 world Cup Live

Be ready guys, without wasting any time now I am showing you the ways to watch T20 2020 world cup without hotstar or jio TV.

Follow all the steps!

Watch T2o world cup 2020

Step 1

All you need to download an Application that will show you all IPL matches and all the channels of all countries around the world with the High Definition Quality where you will be able to find and search all channels category wise and country wise.

Go to Google Search Bar and Type HD Streamz.

See The Screenshot Below

how to watch t20 world cup 2020 for free live

Watch T20 world cup live streaming

Step 2

See Screenshot again and click on the first search result in your mobile or pc.

how to watch t20 world cup on android

Once you tap on the search result then you will be able to see download button, now clicking on that button you can download it.

how to watch T20 world cup 2020 without hotstar

Click on Free Download or Click on Download The APK.

Step 3

Just Click on “OK”

how to watch t20 world cup without jio tv

Click on “Install”

And  you will have your application Downloaded in your android mobile.

Let’s move to another step!

Watch T20 World cup 2020 without Hotstar

Step 4

Now open your application that you have downloaded in your mobile phone. It may ask you for an update.

watch t20 world cup

Don’t worry just hit the button “Update Now” or “Download Now”.

How to Watch T20 World Cup 2020 for Free

You are all done now.

Step 5

Now you can see all the TV Channels on your mobile screen. Now Click on Sports category there you will see all the sports channels of all countries of the world. Click on “Country” and select your country and enjoy all the sports channels of your country.

t20 world cup live streaming

Watch T20 World cup 2020 without Jio Tv 

Select Star Sports if you are Indian as t20 world cup 2020 will be watched on star sports network mainly. Also you can watch it on other channels like DD.

You can select and watch any channel you want like below.

How to Watch T20 World Cup 2020 for Free

Not only t20 world cup but you can watch any channel of the world you want simply on this application.

Thus, you can watch T20 2020 world cup without hotstar and even you can watch t20 world cup 2020 without jio tv for free online.

Thank you very much for being with us, for more interesting tips and tricks you can always visit our channel we would like to be helpful to you.

I hope now you are able to enjoy t20 world cup without television.

If you face any trouble doing this, please, just comment us below we will guide and help you through.

Thanks for Reading How to Watch T20 World Cup 2020 live for free on android!

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download tamil movies for absolutely free 23 june 2019

Hello, friends! do you really want to know how to download tamil movies and that too without tamilrockers and tamilgun or any other torrent website. Honestly, you are at the right place where we will discuss the trusted, legal and 100% working easy ways to download your favorite movies in tamil and it is not limited to a single language as you will be able to download multi-language movies and your favourite Hollywood movies in tamil also.

download tamil movies without tamilrockers

We all know those sites people were using to download tamil movies are no longer available like tamilrockers and tamilgun on the internet and that is good step for better world as those all sites were illegal containing ways to download tamil movies for which film industries may bear lose in their business and that is why it is always good to download movies from legal platforms and places.

So today we will learn to download tamil movies in legal ways that anyone can download them and enjoy them.

This easy ways will not just help you downloading tamil movies but you will be able download Hollywood movies dubbed in tamil, hindi and many language and you will also be able to download your favourite bollywood movies instantly depending on your internet speed.

How to download tamil movies ? 

So, there are two best ways to download tamil movies. Let’s know them!

1. Use hotstar 

The first easy way to download tamil movies is using hotstar app. You can use hotstar for free if you don’t want to pay for it. Hotstar is one of the best apps or platforms for watching movies and all the amazing shows and live tv.

How to download tamil movies in hotstar?

To download tamil movies in hotstar search for your desired movie very first. Once you found your movie you will see a download button there for your movie. So, just click on download button and you will have your movie downloaded on your device if you have enough space. Make sure you have enough space to download your movie.
If movie is not released yet, you may not find download button so wait for some time and try a day or two later.

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In hotstar you can see different options available regarding movie size and quality you can use anyone you prefer to download. You can download movie from 272 mb to 2030 mb or more size.

2. download from youtube.

It is an another way to download your movie. Yes, you can download your film or movie using youtube also. Just make sure if your desired movie is available there or not! If it is released and on youtube already then just go to your youtube app and type your movie name.

Once you type movie name click on the video or copy video link on your device.

Now you can successfully use that copied video link to download tamil movie.

Now download an app called tubemate if you have not downloaded it before. Just go to google type tubemate or download it here.

Now place your copied video link in the search bar of tubemate which is similar to youtube and works only for youtube just like an alternate. 

After entering link just click on search and you are all done you will see download button now just click on download and your movie will be downloaded very soon.

Therefore, unlike other ways they are the two best and legal ways to download tamil movies.

However, if you have not enough space on your device and you don’t want to download it then you also can watch your favourite tamil movies online.

How to watch tamil movies and hindi movies  ?


1. Amazon prime video

Amazon prime video is another best place to watch your favourite tamil movies without downloading them. Amazon prime video having all kind of movies around the world is just amazing. You can watch hindi, English, tamil, telugu, Marathi, and more multi language movies and tv shows. You can easily watch Hollywood movie using amazone prime video.

All you have to do to watch movies on amazon prime video is to pay the fees for annual term. It is less than 1000rs for a full year.

2. Netflix

Netflix is another great platform to watch hindi movies and shows and web series.
You can watch quality hindi films on Netflix streaming, however, I have not used it yet but I would recommend you amazon prime video over Netflix as Netflix will be more costlier than amazon prime video as you can get it under 1000 indian rupees for a full year. Amazon Netflix also has tamil movies and other movies while Netflix is something limited compared to amazone prime video.

3. erosnow

Believe me, eros now is the best platform and a site to watch tamil movies which is known also as tamil movies factory which shows you especially tamil movies on their front page of website.

You can visit and can watch your favourite movies.

Here we suggested some places to watch movies but we prefer to use the first two ways and recommend them because it is good to download tamil movies using first to ways as it will cost you no money while last three ways may cost you some money. Therefore use hotstar and youtube for downloading tamil movies as tamilrockers and tamilgun are now blocked website and you can’t use them anymore.

So, if you are a big fan of tamil movies then use these legal methods to download tamil movies easily. I hope you liked the ways to download your movies. Please if you face any trouble then you can let us know in comment section.

I hope you found the way and find that how to download tamil movies.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Top 25 USA sites you are using almost everyday!

Top sites in USA 

Here are all the top 25 USA sites that you are using almost daily but don’t know. Yes, we all use these site and know about. We all see the USA as a well-developed country and an inspiration for our countries. The USA is an internet giant in the same way in which it is developed country.

If you want to know about all the site then just stay connected here,

And without wasting any time lets find top USA sites.

#1 Google

Simply world knows Google is the world’s biggest Search engine and website that help us search all the info online, downloading images, videos, music and much more, the one and only that doesn’t need any introduction.

#2 youtube

Youtube is the great way to upload videos, watch videos and one can use these videos to learn. Youtube almost provides all kind of help in videos and it just doesn’t end here but you can also earn a lot of money on youtube if you have a talent that you can show in your videos.

#3 facebook

Facebook is the leading social media platform that connects people globally where you can make friends, share photos, memories and lot more. Like youtube you can make money on facebook by affiliate marketing or running a fan page.

#4 is the place where customers buy products online. This site’s structure is vast having many branches all around the world. This site also earns a huge amount of money every minute and also help people earn money by affiliate programs.

#5 is one of the best online communities where people share their contents, comment and find solution just asking questions. Reddit is nowadays mostly use to drive traffic to sites by placing links there. It is one of the best sources to increase site or blog traffic.

#6 Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most reliable source of pure information that keeps real information about almost everything. You can use it as a global dictionary or knowledge treasure.

#7 yahoo

Yahoo ( yet another hierarchical officious oracle) is major internet portal a search engine like where you can search everything it also provide mail service like!

#8 Twitter is also social media platform where ideas and contents are shared. This platform is used mostly by all people even celebrities too.

#9 is a social media platform but specially for businessmen or related people to it. Here you can create your profile and share your content. This platform is used for marketing and website traffic purposes today.

#10 instagram

Instagram is social media platform also where people chat, share photos, videos.


Ebay is one of the major marketing places that connects buyers and sellers.

#12 is a software services offering online place. It is also the most famous known term in computer world.

#13 Netflix

Netflix is paid streaming tv where you can watch your favourite episodes and enjoy the entertainment. It is paid on monthly basis.

#14 Twitch tv

Twitch tv is also a platform where you can enjoy live streaming, it also allows viewrs to live chat in real time.

#15 is a search engine from Microsoft.


This is the major sports news network that analysis the sports and shows all the results.

#17 is the largest banking company.

#18 paypal

Paypal is one of the best online payment service that helps send money and bills and make us able to do a lot more.

#19 is search engine developed by Microsoft.

#20 pinterest

It is one of the best photo sharing site and an online pinboard.

#21 features plot summaries, reviews, casting and much more.

#22 is ad supported streaming television service.

#23 provides customers with online shopping services having various branches in various countries.

#24 is the largest question asking site where you can ask your question to get answers to it. You can upwote answers also. This is the most probable platform to drive huge traffic to your website just placing the links to your answers.

#25 tumbler

Tumbler is a free blog hosting platform where you can create your blog site.

So these are the top sites in USA, I hope you like this article. For more interesting articles like this just keep visiting us!

Thank you!

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How to pay through Whatsapp using this 100% working method!

how to make payment through whatsapp
whatsapp peyments

how to make payment through Whatsapp: hi, guys! There’s good news for you as the most awaited feature of whatsapp now has been launched successfully and now you can send and receive money through whatsapp easily.
You can do this just like you send and receive photos, videos, etc. on whatsapp.

There is no official announcement about this but you can use this feature just by updating your whatsapp to its latest version as whatsapp payment.
Now, this became so easy like you send messages on your whatsapp to your friends. However, before using this feature you need a little bit set up which is absolutely easy.

This payment is based on the UPI ( unified payment interface). This involves various banks for different countries and for India there are banks like state bank, icici bank, HDFC, and Axis Bank. By UPI system in India, you can send and receive payment in more than 3o banks on Whatsapp.

How to pay through whatsapp

First of all, you will have to update your whatsapp current version to the latest version.

Now you are able to see payments option or feature in your whatsapp setting.

How to pay via whatsapp

Link your account to whatsapp payment

Go to setting option and click on payments

Now verify your number

Select your bank account registered with the number you gave above

Your account will be added successfully and the linking process too.

Now you have to verify your bank account with a debit card

After providing the last six digits of debit card and validation date it will be approved
Now you have to generate UPI pin,

Click on green  coloured set up upi pin

Now with whatsapp you can send and receive money in your bank account.

 How to send money via whatsapp

After linking your account and doing all thing successfully you must be excited to know how to send money on whatsapp and how to receive payment on whatsapp.

How to make payment for whatsapp

Now you have to go to the chat of the person you want to send money to,

Tap on attachment menu pin and select payments option

Select the amount you want to send

After doing this you can simply click on the send button to send money

Finally, you will be asked to enter your four-digit UPI Pin for transaction.

You are all done now.

We hope you found how to make payment through whatsapp, this is an amazing feature which helps us to send and receive money in our bank account through whatsapp, now you don’t have to be worried about giving your friends in direct cash, now you can pay the debt to your friends easily,

I hope this guide will help you successfully, for more interesting articles like this you can keep visit us.

Thanks for your precious time!

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Where can I watch Cricket World Cup 2019 live for free

World Cup 2019 Live Streaming

Good news knocking the doors for the all cricket lovers all around the world as world cup 2019 is so close and will be started very soon on May 30! yeah, it is starting with the grand kick-off match which will be played between the hosts England and South Africa.

we all know England and Wales are hosting twelfth edition of the world cup and that is great. there will be 48 matches to be played in world cup 2019 ( round robin and knockouts). there are 10 teams to take part which is officially announced, you can learn more about this happening world cup here on the official site.

before we find which team is going to win, it is really important to know the ways to watch this world cup online for free.

and today in this post I will tell you how to watch cricket world cup 2019 and that is for free! to know the ways to watch cricket world cup 2019 for free without hotstar stay connected to this article.

Where can I watch Cricket World Cup 2019

I have a proper and fantastic answer to this question if you are asking.

without wasting any time let's just follow the steps carefully to enjoy the cricketing action on your mobile phone or pc there will be no need for television, believe me.

where to watch world cup 2019

do you know Which channel will broadcast Cricket World Cup 2019? don't you know? don't worry you can watch all the matches on star sports but all you need is to follow these below steps.

are you ready?

step 1

make sure you have a working internet connection, now go to google and search HD Streamz or just click the link here.

step 2

kindly download the application and install it on your Android or smartphone. if it asks for an update then please kindly update the app to newer version online, it will be updated automatically once you run it on your phone or open it on computer.


now you will be seeing all the major channels from all around the world, you can select them country wise or you can search channel names you will find in just seconds.

not just cricket but this application will allow you to watch all the sports, movies, serials, news and everything and almost all the channels of world.

now you don't have to pay any penny to hotstar or any other platform where you watch everything paid, why to risk your money using paid platform? just download hd streamz and enjoy everything.

so watch all the world cup 2019 actions just simply on your mobile or pc.

I strongly hope this will help you a lot if you find it helpful you can keep visiting for more interesting articles like this,

I also currently using hd streamz to watch ipl 2019 online for free.

thanks for giving us your precious time,

enjoy the world cup 2019 live for free.

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How to get more traffic on blogger | Easy Proven Content Strategy

how to get traffic to my blogspot, get traffic on blogger blog

 So, you have just started a blog,


looking for ways to make your blog a famous one! That’s it, all we need desire if we are having a blog that we are planning to have a long run.

But to do all this and to lead it for the long run the first thing is to get some traffic especially from google which is the only thing that will provide you true motivation that you are going to realize with the time comes next.

How to get more traffic on blogger ? this is the most asked questions by all the bloggers, even by the experts, professionals, and masters and the reason is after all none is the born blogger. You must not forget everything starts at zero!

If you want to know how to increase blog traffic on blogger

Be here, this post will lead you through the reality you should never leave behind.
Before we go further I want to clear it that this post is for both beginners and advanced and will help those small bloggers and also will be helpful to those who were small Some days in the same ways.

Honestly, my main goal is to provide the best content strategy especially to those who are running their blogs on Blogspot platform and using free hosting and even free domain.

I was really tired of searching on the internet, how to get traffic on your blogger and related queries and I believe everyone does the same until he gets a satisfactory amount of organic traffic that he generates from google.

Meanwhile, you should be knowing what are some mistakes that you keep doing.
Many beginners avoid proper topic selection, keyword research, quality, article length, in short, they don’t follow the content strategy and these are the mistakes which we do.

I know the strategy and all this I am here today to tell you is my experience but remember one thing, don’t follow the experiences but follow the experiments!

How to get traffic to your blogger


Please read this content strategy carefully!

Finally, without wasting any time let’s dive into the best content strategy together to increase traffic on blog.

How you should be selecting a keyword/keywords?

how to increase traffic on blogger

Now the first game changer point is Keyword selection or keyword research, do you know how you should select a single keyword or make a keyword list for your article?

The first thing among all is to have content ideas in your mind then all you have to do is to select keywords,

The best way to select a keyword is to focus on low search volume,


Probably it has reasons,

Low search volume keywords are very important for the article to be ranked higher in search engines because they have low competition.

you should be targeting keywords having monthly searches 100, 200, 250, 300.
Believe me, it is not a joke!

The main important part of targeting these keywords are unique visitors. Yes, a blog with unique visitors tends to have high domain authority! Unique visitors can give your blog high authority in quick time.

I am not saying that you should not targeting keywords with medium or little bit high volume but without domain authority or blog development you can not select them or rank them and low search volume is only to give you strong authority!

So first go for low search volume keywords, increase authority and then go for higher volume.

How to get traffic to my blogspot ?

After first step is done, go for content creation. Take your keyword research in use and create a content in the ways suggested below.

Create contents of content

how to get more traffic on blogspot

Always avoid narrow topics and narrow ideas! Select a wider topic with multiple ideas and that is the best content strategy that will gain you more traffic.

Focus on creating a lengthy article a lengthy content that has multiple ideas or subtopics or sub contents.

All you have to do is to create main content and sub-contents related to the main content……

For example,


Keyword research is your main content

Then create sub-contents around your main content,

Again for example,

·        How to select a keyword for article
·        What is keyword density in article
·        Top 5 keyword research tool for bloggers
·        How to find long tail keywords

Let’s see another example to make clearer strategy!

·        Main content

·        Sub-contents

Take a look at the first topic example (keyword research)

Here keyword research is the main topic and others are subtopics or articles and in the second example 4 chinese apps is main content and the other for are sub contents and all the sub contents are Chinese apps (selfiecity, pitu, makeup plus, and meitu)

Be sure, all the articles should be following the first method, low search volume. Use low search volume keywords for all the articles whether it is main content or sub contents.

After creating all the contents, follow the last step

Get more traffic on blogspot blog  

Arrange and implement all the articles together!


boost blog traffic

Yes, the final step is to arrange and implement all the articles together carefully

You have successfully done keyword research, collected ideas and created contents.

Now go for the most important step

Arrange them together according to their proper place and requirement.

I am not saying to combine all the articles together, I am telling you to copy their link and implement all in the main article in their proper place..

See the example below!

Main article

 Title: What is keyword research

Keyword research is the way to select proper keywords for your article…………
Click here to know top 10 keyword research tool ( sub article)

see one of my article following this strategy, click here to see the post i wrote.

The main article is

Top 4 chinese beauty apps and other articles are sub articles.

Why this is important?


First of all, this kind of strategy will reduce the bounce rate of your blog and users will visit your all interlinked posts or sub-articles and the page views will increase. Thus they will spend more time on your blog.

You will be able to rank your article interlinking with each other. it is the best way to index your article on google and rank it quickly. Google’s experts have already confirmed this method to be quicker to index and rank all the posts and articles on google and other search engines.

As all the interlinked article having low search volume keywords will help your blog get a strong domain authority and will make you able to target high volume keywords in future.

After all, this method will increase your blog traffic very soon.

And I am sure after applying this method on your every article you will not be asking how to get more traffic on blogger, I suggest you to keep doing this for consecutively and if you stay consistent, believe me, you will see organic traffic coming to your post.

I hope you learned how to get traffic on your blogger,

Thank you for giving us your precious time,

And we strongly hope that this post will be helpful for you, to read more interesting posts like this keep visiting us!